Hot off the wire from La Almosta Rancho

Howdy pards,

Today, November 20th, marks the countdown of thirty days until the Fairbanks, Alaska, Barnes & Noble Cow~boy Christmas book signing event. I ask all of you to come join me in the flesh and/or in spirit, as we wind up the week before Christmas with a truly blessed and fun filled gathering. I shall say more of this event as it gets closer. Thanks!

My thank you to the San Antonio, Texas O&S fans whom so cordially invited me to come be with them during Thanksgiving-2011. I am hoping I can come in 2012 to spend time with ya’ll.

Just an update, I am making slow but steady progress in the recovery of the six chapters of T-Trail (third novel, The Trail Never Ends) that went skyward to Terabyte heaven. I am hoping to have the manuscript back on track by the First of January. Again, my thanks to Justin, my son-in-law, and to Miss Lady Caity, my project editor, for their help in getting my computers, and my game plan for recovery put together and served.

With much joy, I am pleased to announce that illustrator, Mister Jonathan Harrison has official signed on with the T-Trail project. I have already issued two of the ten storybook sketches so that he can start what should be a very welcome addition to the new novel. Don’t forget to check out his link on my website ( to view his artwork from the second novel, Back in the Saddle Again.

Having received fan queries about what awaits them, via Ornery and Slim, in the forthcoming two novels, and attempting not to spoil the plots of either future manuscript, just yet. I can share some news with you. In The Trail Never Ends, a character often referred to in the first two franchise novels comes to the O U T Spread to be met by the ranch, and by you reader. I hope you will enjoy this novel angle. For you Civil War fans, while we Americans revel in the four years that make up the sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary years of American’s most defining event to date, I have been researching so as to write and provide for you a few bits of that war, as shared by some of the characters in my books in reference to that martial event. I pray you will not be terribly disappointed that I did not recount the whole war in these next two books. Please remember that this series was/is written to honors those war survivors (Mr. Tucker, Cap’n Stewart, Ornery, and a host more) and other individuals in that period of our nation that celebrates the American Cow~boy West, in the time when America was on the cusp of becoming a new world power within one hundred years of the Declaration of Independence. Oh, and yes, there will be weddings, love interests, babies, and family, by expansion, before the fourth novel, The Brand New O U T is finally finished, read and done. Bear with me as I do my top hand cowman best to craft these historical-fiction tomes for you.

As always, send me your questions and/or your comments as they relate to your two favorite Wyoming Territory cowmen and their many friends. Constantly pray for me as I craft for you.

Cowman cordially,


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