Spoiled here at La Almosta Rancho

A Holiday Howdy Pards,

I count myself blessed by twice from the response I have received in my request for the support of a close author friend, Kipling Peterson and his brand new novel, BOUNCER, due on this Wednesday (11/30/11) at Amazon.com. I often share with folks who ask, that I have not a large fan base at Ornery and Slim, but I have a fan base that is as loyal as any published author could ever actually hope for. As I promised you all earlier, I won’t be recommending many authors now or in the future, and many I could recommend, true. Kip is my sole novelist recommendation because I believe in who he is and what he does, and for the way he does it. He and his family have been marvelous friends to the Ornery and Slim franchise since my early days. So I do not at all mind supporting him, while I return the favor to another budding writer-gone-published. Kip, who now resides in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is no stranger to Alaska, having lived in the Fairbanks area for a number of years, and knowing how we live it out here in the Last Frontier. I always so enjoy hangin’ my hat at his place when my trail wonders me through that part of Wyoming Cow~boy Country. A better friend you will not find.

Again, I thank you for supporting me, in supporting Kipling Peterson and his BOUNCER. You make me plum proud ta call ya’ pards fer dis favor ta my request dats ya’ve answered.  All the best to you and yours this holiday season.


In full cowman gratitude,


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